Enable debug logging for EPiServer Scheduler

If you have problems with the EPiServer Scheduler Service unexcitingly stopping you can also turn on debug logging to get more clues.

Change EPiServer.SchedulerSvc.exe.config FILE

You need to add the following to the service’s config-file to get detailed call stacks for exceptions that occur in you web application:

  <customErrors mode="Off"/>

Update EPiServer.SchedulerSvc Registry

image Prepare a folder for the log file and make sure the account running the service has write access. I’m usually lazy and give everyone full access since this logging usually is not left on forever.

User RegEdit and change the ImagePath value for the EPiServer Scheduler Service to include a parameter with the log-filename.

ImagePath = C:\Program Files\EPiServer.Scheduler\EPiServer.SchedulerSvc.exe D:\Log\EPiServer.SchedulerSvc.log

Be careful when you edit the Registry! I use to export the key to a file before I change anything so I can look at the original configuration.

See also: Auto Restart of EPiServer Scheduler Service