Auto Restart of EPiServer Scheduler Service

imageThere are several functions in a EPiServer Web Application that rely on the Services installed by EPiServer Manager. For example delayed publish of a new version of a page at a specific time, mirroring of pages between servers, archiving pages that has past the stopped publish date and removing old pages from the waste basket.

Requirements for Scheduled Jobs in EPiServer

Several things must be true for tasks to be executed:

  • The Service must be running
    The service is installed and updated by EPiServer manager but you may have to configure it and setup the in the computers Administrative Tool for Services.
  • Each EPiServer Web must be allowed to use the Service
    There is only one instance of the Service but there might be several Web Applications. Each has a setting that controls if they are allowed imageto connect to the service or not. This often misunderstood setting is displayed on the Capability page in EPiServer Manager.
  • Each Job must be active and have a schedule
    You must also for each Web Application go to admin mode and enable each Scheduled Job by checking Active and give it a schedule.

The EPiServer Scheduler Service does not appear to be active

imageIf you have satisfied all requirements above and it suddenly stops working it can be an uncaught exception that halts your service.

My recommendation is always to configure the EPiServer Services to automatically restart if it should stop unexpectedly. This can be done from the Recovery Tab in the Properties for each Service.


See also: Enable debug logging for EPiServer Scheduler