EPiServer Page Type usage report

para que sirven los indicadores de comercio exterior Do you have a lot of page types in an EPiServer project and a gut feeling some of the are not used?


where can i buy cytotec no prescription in Atlanta Georgia Quite common if you migrate a project from EPiServer CMS 4 that are based on the EPiServerSample project or if you inherit a project based on one of the new Public or Demo templates.

SQL Query for Page Type usage

forex jämförelse SELECT pt.Name, pt.Filename, COUNT(p.pkID) AS Antal FROM tblPage AS p RIGHT OUTER JOIN tblPageType AS pt ON p.fkPageTypeID = pt.pkID GROUP BY pt.Name, pt.Filename, pt.SortOrder ORDER BY pt.SortOrder

http://revedecabane.com/?ower=trading-online-sicuro&0ad=73 trading online sicuro Before you run this query, remember to empty your recycle bin and also check that your pageRootId in web.config. If it is not equal to one there can be a lot of hidden pages in your database.