Disable EPiServer UrlRewriter Interference

أراء الفوركس Are you also annoyed that EPiServer CMS 5 Friendly URLs and the handy köpa Viagra från sverige trace.axd utility does not play well together? Does your site have standard aspx-pages that behaves strangely sometimes because EPiServer Friendly URL Rewriter interfere with generated html on the way out?

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StarCommunity does not work EPiServer Friendly URL Rewriter

böcker om forex trading I had this issue with StarCommunity 2.4 from NetStar (now bought by EPiServer) and you could get the most strange side effects in the admin interface with tabs not working, layout issues and navigational problems. All issues disappear if you disabled EPiServer Url Rewriting.

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trading systems a new approach to system development and portfolio optimisation epub So how can you keep EPiServer Url Rewriting on but disable it for a folder or file? This is how I solved it by adding a few lines in erfahrungen binäre optionen Global.asax.cs:

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http://iviti.co.uk/?vera=cos-e-autopzionebinarie&4c2=73 cos e autopzionebinarie private void UrlRewriteModule_HttpRewriteInit(objectsender, UrlRewriteEventArgs e) {     UrlRewriteModuleBase module = sender asUrlRewriteModuleBase;     if (module != null)     {         module.HtmlAddingRewriteToExternalFilter += module_HtmlAddingRewriteToExternalFilter;     } } private void module_HtmlAddingRewriteToExternalFilter(objectsender, UrlRewriteEventArgs e) {     string path = e.Url.Path.ToLowerInvariant();     e.Cancel = path.StartsWith("/netstar") || path.EndsWith("trace.axd"); } protected void Application_Start(Object sender, EventArgs e) {     EPiServer.Web.UrlRewriteModule.HttpRewriteInit += UrlRewriteModule_HttpRewriteInit; }

live forex As you can see when the application starts it hooks into an event that hooks into another event that has the possibility to prevent Rewrite. Here we check if the requested URL is either starting with “/netstar” disabling rewrite for everything in the StarCommunity admin folder. It also cancels if it is a call to the trace utility.

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