Can’t find provider capability information for provider [XYZ]

binaire opties alex I noticed that there is a problem with using ASP.NET membership providers in EPiServer CMS (5.1.422). When going to edit mode you get the following exception:


köpa Viagra på teneriffa [EPiServerException: Can't find provider capability information for provider [XYZ].]
EPiServer.Security.ProviderCapabilities.IsSupported(String providerName, Action action) +117
EPiServer.UI.Edit.UserMembership.EnableFields() +418
EPiServer.UI.Edit.UserMembership.OnLoad(EventArgs e) +1201

i migliori libri sul trading e opzioni binarie binäre optionen pullback The reason is because EPiServer only has hardcoded the capabilites for some of the default providers name like this:

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buy discount tastylia (tadalafil) online static ProviderCapabilities()
_providerDictionary = new Dictionary();
_providerDictionary.Add("SqlServerMembershipProvider", new ProviderCapabilitySettings(true, true, true, new object[] { "email", true, "comment", true }));
_providerDictionary.Add("WindowsMembershipProvider", new ProviderCapabilitySettings(false, false, false, new object[] { "email", true, "comment", false }));
_providerDictionary.Add("SqlServerRoleProvider", new ProviderCapabilitySettings(true, true, true));
_providerDictionary.Add("WindowsRoleProvider", new ProviderCapabilitySettings(false, false, false));

Buy Tadalafil Tastylia 20mg without prescription prelievi su iq option To get it to work if you have providers with other names you must obviously register them manually (at least until EPiServer provides a better sollution) in Global.asax.cs. This is how I did it:

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Seroquel online order private void RegisterCapabilitiesOnMembershipProviders()
string defaultMembershipProviderName = ProviderFacade.GetDefaultMembershipProviderName();
string defaultRoleProviderName = ProviderFacade.GetDefaultRoleProviderName();
ProviderCapabilities.AddProvider(defaultMembershipProviderName, new ProviderCapabilitySettings(false, false, false, new object[] { "email", true, "comment", false }));
ProviderCapabilities.AddProvider(defaultRoleProviderName, new ProviderCapabilitySettings(false, false, false));
protected void Application_Start(Object sender, EventArgs e)

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buy tastylia formax forex broker Update: This has changed in SP1 so it uses the class type and not the name. So a rename of a provider does not require registration but you must register capabilities if you write your own.

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